2014 Mite/Squirt Hockey camp.

Top Marks Ice Hockey Academy

Top Marks Hockey Academy is a youth ice hockey camp developed and coached by professional player Jamie Lundmark. Specially designed for hockey players that want to improve their hockey skills, Top Marks will bring a high intensity, professional approach from a real NHL player. Through proper teaching techniques, players will learn the skills necessary to move on to the next level. Players will benefit from game situational drills and skills, along with mental training and off ice workouts.

Increase your Skills and Improve your Game

In the ever changing game of ice hockey there are always new skills to be attained. Jamie has been taught theses skills from some of the best coaches and trainers in the world. He has been coached by  Wayne Gretzky (Phoenix Coyotes), Glen Sather (New York Rangers), Marc Crawford (LA Kings), and Mike Keenen (Calgary Flames) to name a few . Jamie has played alongside of Mark Messier, Eric Lindros, Jarome Iginla and many more of the worlds best hockey players. He has absorbed numerous skills from a variety of respected people in the hockey world and wants to share his experience with others. In addition to having professional ability, Jamie believes that 90% of hockey is the mental game. Issues like getting cut from a team, not getting enough ice time, making sure you are prepared both mentally and physically is all a part of hockey. The players with the ability to bounce back and deal with the adversity are the players that go on to succeed. During Jamie’s 12 year pro career there has been many mental challenges. He has learned that finding ways to get out of these situations quickly and effectively is pivotal in the game of hockey. Jamie has developed effective ways of handling this kind of adversity and wants to teach you his recipes for success while at the same time teaching the physical skills it takes to make it as an elite hockey player.

Play Hockey, Have Fun

Most importantly, Top Marks Hockey Academy will focus on HAVING FUN. We all need to remember that first and foremost, hockey is a game and should be just that… a game. A fun and enjoyable environment will ensure that you are able to focus on learning the skills necessary to reach your full potential.


We first met Jamie in the spring of 2011 when we registered our son Braden ('01 Squirt AA) for private instruction.  It was clear from the first lesson that we found the right fit.  Jamie wanted to learn about Braden...how long he played, at what levels, his position, strengths, developmental opportunities, etc.  This allowed him to customize a training plan while optimizing their time together on the ice.  During each lesson he quickly moved from fundamentals (skating stride and body angle) to more challenging drills that were all done at game speed.  Over time Jamie pushed Braden outside his comfort zone.  The combination of pro-style drills done at a high level of intensity with detailed feedback drove noticeable improvement.  Perhaps the most impressive thing about Jamie is his ability to connect with young players.  He immediately established rapport with Braden and communicated on his level.  Although he worked Braden very hard, he kept it fun.  As a result Braden always looked forward to his next lesson.  

The lessons with Jamie have been the single best investment of time and money we've made for our son's ice hockey development.  We feel very fortunate to have access to Jamie and plan to take full advantage of everything he has to offer.  


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