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Jamie coaching a young skater.

Learn to skate and play from the best with professional hockey player, Jamie Lundmark. In addition to his youth ice hockey camp, Jamie loves teaching young players the finer points of hockey. Lessons are offered one-on-one or in small groups to allow for the best learning experience. All lessons will be located at Ice Line Quad Rinks, West Chester, between 3pm-5pm, Monday- Friday. All ages and all skill levels are welcome. Lessons can range from elite hockey players looking to get ahead of the competition, to beginners learning how to skate.  Each session will be molded to the players ability and needs. If you're ready to sign up, Contact Us.  
We first met Jamie in the Spring of 2011 when we registered our son Braden ('01 Squirt AA) for private instruction.  It was clear from the first lesson that we found the right fit.  Jamie wanted to learn about long he played, at what levels, his position, strengths, developmental opportunities, etc.  This allowed him to customize a training plan while optimizing their time together on the ice.  During each lesson he quickly moved from fundamentals (skating stride and body angle) to more challenging drills that were all done at game speed.  Over time Jamie pushed Braden outside his comfort zone.  The combination of pro-style drills done at a high level of intensity with detailed feedback drove noticeable improvement.  Perhaps the most impressive thing about Jamie is his ability to connect with young players.  He immediately established rapport with Braden and communicated on his level.  Although he worked Braden very hard, he kept it fun.  As a result Braden always looked forward to his next lesson.  
The lessons with Jamie have been the single best investment of time and money we've made for our son's ice hockey development.  We feel very fortunate to have access to Jamie and plan to take full advantage of everything he has to offer.  
Brain Reed 
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